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Global Day of Action 2016

On 16 June 2016, PAX launches the 2016 edition of the Worldwide Investments in Cluster Munitions: A Shared Responsibility report. To celebrate the launch of the report, campaigners around the world joined the Global Day of Action to Stop Explosive Investments.


The report includes the infamous 'Hall of Shame' of financial institutions that are investing in cluster munition producers, and also the growing 'Hall of Fame' and ‘runners-up’ category of financial institutions that have established (comprehensive) policies to prevent future investment in them. It also shows what action states are taking to prohibit investments in cluster munition producers.

The report is the fourth update of “Worldwide investments in cluster munitions: a shared responsibility.” It will provide updated information on:

To plan your national campaign action, you can contact the report authors for updated information about your country, including an updated list of the financial institutions that are currently investing in cluster munition producers. This information can help you to prepare for the campaign, but is under strict embargo until 16 June.

To make the most of the launch of this fantastic resource, we encourage campaigners working on disinvestment to join a global day of action to ‘Stop Explosive Investments’. The Global Day of Action to Stop Explosive Investments is a great opportunity to:

To help you plan your day of action, you may wish to pick and choose from our global day of action menu of ideas – or you may have some original ideas of your own. We hope you will certainly choose the campaigners’ essential - it’s quick and easy - and will help us spreading our message to a huge number of people. The other menu items serve as inspiration for your own action, but you are of course also free to organise something different. 

For embargoed information from the report contact: Suzanne Oosterwijk (PAX - oosterwijk [at], +31-30-232-0596.

If you decide to organise an action, let us know what you’re doing!