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For over 40 years cluster bombs have killed and injured civilians during and after conflict.


Japanese campaigners organize "Our Money and Our Responsibility” symposium to end investments in cluster munitions

Posted: 22 March 2017

On 15 March, Cluster Munition Coalition-member the Japan Campaign to Ban Landmines (JCBL), organized a conference to put an end to investments in cluster munitions. The symposium, titled “Our money and our responsibility” was attended by a full room of participants.

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Australian asset manager AMP: new policy excludes cluster munitions producers

Posted: 20 March 2017

Australian asset manager AMP announced that it will exclude producers cluster munitions from its investments as part of a new policy on responsible investment. Producers of tobacco, landmines, biological and chemical weapons will also be excluded.

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New Briefing paper on 'Investments on behalf of clients' in the campaign toolkit!

Posted: 17 March 2017

We added a briefing paper on 'investments on behalf of clients' to the campaign toolkit!

Many financial institutions do not apply their cluster munitions exclusion policy to investments on behalf of clients. This paper explains what is meant by the term 'investments on behalf of clients' and why financial institutions should apply their policies from these kinds of investments. Read it here!

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Poongsan: stop producing cluster bombs

Posted: 17 February 2017

Campaigners from around the world urge Poongsan Corporation to stop producing cluster munitions.

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Check your change! Coins made by producer of banned cluster bombs

Posted: 16 January 2017

Fifteen years after the Euro was  introduced in 2002 anti-cluster bomb campaigners worldwide are raising concerns about how the Euro coins are produced. South Korean company Poongsan is a major player on the European market for the production of coin blanks. EU states use these coin blanks for the production of their Euro coins. Poongsan, however, is also a known producer of cluster munitions. PAX, member of the Cluster Munition Coalition, has frequently published information about their involvement in cluster munition production since 2009, in their series of ‘Worldwide Investments in Cluster Munitions; a shared responsibility’ reports.

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