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Unexploded cluster bombs continue to kill and injure for days, months, even decades after conflict

Take Action to Stop Explosive Investments

1.    Take Action!

Organise an action on disinvestment in your country. These are some actions that you can take:

Lobby your government and parliamentarians:

Write letters to parliamentarians and meet with them to ask that they:

  • Support an inclusion in national implementing legislation or otherwise standalone legislation prohibiting investment in cluster munition producers.
  • Urge the government to declare that it considers investment in cluster munition producers prohibited.

Pressure financial institutions:

  • Organise a creative action targeting financial institutions in your country that are investing in cluster munitions producers.
  • Write letters to the financial institutions based in your country that are investing in cluster munitions producers and ask that they:
    • Disinvest from cluster munition producers
    • Implement a comprehensive policy banning all types of investment and financial services to cluster munition producers
  • Organise meetings with financial institutions to discuss their policies and practices with regard to investments in cluster munition producers.

Reach out to media and relay your calls to the government and financial institutions:

  • Hold a press conference or issue a press release (template press releases are available in advance of the Global Days of Action).
  • Contact journalists that you have good contacts with to tell them that a new report on the Global Day of Action has been released.

Campaign online to promote disinvestment:

  • Link with the CMC’s social media networks, either from your own page or your organisations’ page or both.
  • Facebook: comment on the CMC’s Facebook wall about your activities, respond to other people’s comments or pictures, discuss news stories – take part in the conversation!  Make sure you “like” the CMC’s facebook page. Update your Facebook profile photo with the campaign logo.
  • Twitter: Always use the hashtags #banclusterbombs and #disinvest in your tweets as well as your message. Update your Twitter photo with the campaign logo.
  • Flickr: Upload photos of your action to your Flickr account and send them to so that we can post them on the CMC Flickr gallery.
  • YouTube upload videos of your action to your YouTube account and share videos posted by the CMC on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

2.    Global day of action (23 May 2017)

Every year, the CMC holds a Global Day of Action to Stop Explosive Investments. This is an opportunity to:

  • Call on governments to pass legislation to prohibit investments in cluster munition producers.
  • Call on governments to announce that they consider investments in cluster munition producers to be prohibited.
  • Urge banks and other financial institutions to disinvest from cluster munition producers.

For a photo impression of campaigning actions around the world, on an earlier global day of action on Thursday 27 November 2014, click here.

Campaign Actions

Check out the Campaign Toolkit for suggestions and case studies of campaign actions including publishing your own report; postcard or letter sending actions; public actions (such as publicity stunts, informations stands, talks and more); round tables and videos.

3.    Launch of updated report (23 May 2017)

Every year, CMC member PAX launches an update of their report “Worldwide investments in cluster munitions: a shared responsibility”. The 2017 report was launched on 23 May in Tokyo.

This report provides updated information on:

  • Financial institutions that are investing in cluster munitions producers (this includes financial institutions in states that have joined and states that have not joined the treaty).
  • Financial institutions that have disinvested from cluster munition producers.
  • States banning investments in cluster munitions.

You can contact the report authors for updated information about your country to plan your national campaign action, including an updated list of the financial institutions investing in cluster munition producers.

M. Uiterwaal,, +31, (0)30 232 0504

4.    Campaign resources

  • A number of campaign resources for the CMC’s disinvestment campaign are available on the campaign toolkit page.
  • A template press release will be available in advance of the Global Day of Action that campaigners can adapt for their national purposes.

5.    Tell us about your actions

Please contact Firoz ALIZADA ( to share information on your campaigning plans. Please also get in touch if you would like to be added to the disinvestment email list (

6.    Related Links

For more information and campaign materials on cluster bombs, and to encourage countries to join the Convention on Cluster Munitions, visit the Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) website.

Click here to see media coverage around the report launches.